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Become 61

Israel’s next election is April 9, 2019.  Unlike in America, the election season is short, commercial-advertising time is provided by the government and every Israeli politician and potential Prime Minister (all 8M people who live in Israel!) are making deals in order to help their political party secure the most ‘mandates’ (representatives). 


The Israeli political party who can lead their own party + a coalition that equals 61 ‘mandates’ becomes the Prime Minister of Israel.


Israel’s Knesset (parliament) is run by over 20 political parties who are chasing after a total of 120 seats in the Knesset.  Smaller than New Jersey, Israel doesn’t have national or local representatives by district or region.  Instead, political parties develop party lists:  #1 spot is for the person who could be PM, #2 spot for Foreign Minister, and on and on.  Israeli political parties and ‘lists’ are driven by issues like security, the economy, social issues – and current events.  The winners are the people and slogans that can get the most votes for their party and the wisest party leader who can build a sustainable coalition.


The biggest Israeli political parties may have between 30-35 ‘mandates’ (representatives) to build the Israeli coalition-style government.  This means, to win the whole election, the Israeli political parties need to make enough deals to get to ‘61’.  With ‘61’ mandates, a coalition can be created.  With 70 mandates, a stronger coalition is created. 

Israel does not have absentee voting.

"In Israel, in order to be a realist, you have to believe in miracles."
– David Ben-Gurion
What is The 61 Experience?

61 is a half-day experiential event that puts you in the role of decision-maker in choosing the next Prime Minister in Israel.  Finally, all your ideas, opinions and passions can be shared through a tangible experience that clarifies the hard work of elections, issues, coalition building and the unintended consequences of strange bedfellows in Israeli politics.

Who should attend? 


A great fit for experts, those who think they know everything and those who admit to know nothing. All levels of interest are welcome.

What should I bring?


Like any good game day/night – bring snacks, food and drinks that keep you going.  Eating shouldn’t be a topic of conversation or a disruption to the 61 Experience.  


  • Bring chargers and an extended battery.  You’ll tap into every resource you can find once you are a few mandates away from becoming Prime Minister.  

  • Be comfortable but look like you can rule and gain respect of Israel, its military and its people.

  • Bring paper and pens.  Sometimes you don’t need to talk about the toughest issues when you can share a quick note and set up a secret channel for a new coalition partner.

Why add The 61 Experience to your schedule?  


  • Because you strive to give the people who are part of your organization an incredible experience that allows each person’s viewpoint to be validated, understood and gain some respect.  

  • Because you realize that the same people keep showing up to hear ‘another’ expert from Israel talk about something extraordinary, but more of your folks just aren’t showing up anymore when they hear the word Israel.  ‘It just feels too much to deal with for us…..’ 

  • Because you know that Israel is a miracle.  With the rise of anti-Semitism in America and around the world, its worthwhile to invite people from every walk of life, and every culture, to come and get direct access to understanding Israel 360: by knowing the unimaginable, unfathomable, unrelenting and real process of what it is to have a thriving democracy in the Middle East.

Can we see a clip of 61 on FB or YouTube?

No. Each 61 Experience is private and so are the take-aways for the participants and sponsors.  Nothing from any 61 Experience is shared on SM or video-taped ever.  61 is a safe space from ‘gotcha’.  61 is for builders of the future.



What do we need to sign-up?

We can adapt and optimize 61 for groups between 40 – 250 people.  You need to have or have access to a type of multi-purpose big room to accommodate the conversations, brinkmanship, smiles and tears that lead to becoming 61.

What is the cost of 61?

$1,871 dollars until May 8, 2019/5779.   Then the price becomes $1,872.