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Please note: All testimonials  are used by permission.

"My wealth manager referred me to Arise21C.  Bored but always busy, I finally feel that I am soaring again. Arise21C 'dose coaching' sessions are something I look forward to. 

An affirming and nurturing experience like no other I’ve had.  Thank you."  

- JL – Palm Beach


“I’m a top trial lawyer and was immersed in Arise21C's thinking and approach.

Pamela is a million dollar motivator.”

- RH - NYC


“Winning the IBM GlobalSmart Camp Finals doesn’t happen without the sharpest mind, most innovative approach and the biggest heart.  With deepest appreciation for you Pamela.” 

- Entrepreneur RH – Nairobi


“I’m a deal-maker in South Florida and met Pamela at a local networking event.  I swear it took her under 3 minutes to propose a hack that helped me fix a gnawing problem.  Today, Arise21C is on my ‘favorite’ phone list.  The 'dose coaching' process is a perfect fit for my busy life."   

- BL – Miami


“I was struggling on where to set our next milestones.  Pamela listened and prodded me with brilliant questions.  The outcome of my first meeting was clarity, effectiveness and affectiveness.  Our team and board is running stronger thanks to the Arise21C worldview, strategy and heart. We won’t let her go.”

- MS – Entrepreneur - Chicago


“Everyone told me that what I was doing was nearly impossible.  Pamela understood and worked with me, our board and our community to ensure that we would not only survive, but thrive. 

Her inspiration and willingness to persevere through every obstacle makes me

proud to recommend Arise 21C to anyone who has a passion to excel." 

-  Venture Philanthropist – USA


“I head a PR and digital marketing firm.  We feel like Arise21C is our secret sauce and outsourced Creative Director.  Every 'dose coaching' session yields tremendous ROI for us.    

She cares about our clients and us with all her heart.  We feel it, see it and hear it when she speaks to us.”

- EL – London


"Pamela led me to understand that there is a level far above ‘giving back’ and being a donor or board member.  With her commitment to research and innovation, Pamela  helped us become strategic philanthropic entrepreneurs and impact generations to come. 

I wholeheartedly recommend her as central to your visionary philanthropic leadership." 

- Forbes Top Giver


"Every element of our experience was different with Arise 21C.  From the quality of our conversations to the incredible amount of added value to the very way Pamela thinks and works. 

Her experience in game theory and among elites and entrepreneurs gave us exponential ROI."

  – Entrepreneur-tech CEO 

“Instead of all the other strategies and books, I make it a point to set 8 'dose coaching' appointments a year with Pamela.  We accomplish enough during our meetings to keep me busy for months.  

Arise 21C's  affective-forecasting and nurturing nature changed me. 

- HS – Life-After-Exit Entrepreneur

"I went down the list of consultants, coaches and friends who could help me and found nothing.  Then, at a global affairs retreat, I met Pamela.   In just a few minutes your wise comments let me to know that were not born; you, like the Goddess Athena, sprouted straight from the head of Zeus. 

I am convinced that some supernatural force sent you down to rescue me."

  – Former US Congressman

“When it comes to veterans, police, security and safety,  we didn’t meet many advisors who pushed us to see ourselves as the glue of our community the way Pamela does.  She made us think bigger and understand our impact more profoundly.  We thank Arise 21C for sharing our spirit of humble service and leadership."

- President of a National Center addressing US Veteran Issues


“They understand the issues at hand and articulate them in ways which encourage people to listen and take action.  Our experience was a real gift and changed the way we relate to people and issues.  What started as a way to help one of us resulted in lifting us all.  Each of us had trust that our agendas and voices would be woven into the outcome blueprint. We were rewarded more than we could have expected."

 - DT, University Leadership


"We needed help wrangling philanthropists, government leaders, civic leaders and Silicon Valley’s top players in addressing the biggest issues of our times.  In a room at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, in the eye of some big crises and challenges, Pamela looked us in the eye and told us how to make it happen.

We are grateful and now the #1 global leader in our critical work"

- CEO of Civic and Diplomatic Cyber Initiative


“We are a complex and untraditional family office motivated by increasing the impact of our resources.  The Arise21C approach was a great fit for us.  For the first time, we came together and created much more than we ever had before.  Our experiences with Arise 21C are entirely innovative and compelling.

Thank you for bringing us all together again.  It means the world.  . 

  We are a grateful family."

  - Family Office - West Palm Beach

"Pamela’s presentation was the most dynamic highlight of the conference. 

She made us laugh and cry.  And laugh."

- CS,  Retired CIA Officer

“Having worked together for over a decade on one of the world’s largest philanthropic and educational experiences, I never found anyone with greater depth in understanding and transmitting lessons in all aspects of leadership in Israeli society (military, government, business, education and the social sectors).”

- CEO of #1 Tourism Company

“Pamela’s unmatched expertise, passion and professionalism, make Arise21C ideal to help leaders experience the transformative power of a trip to Israel...her approach is unique and effective...I can attest to her high standard of excellence... I urge you to consider utilizing her services for a retreat or as a 'dose coach'. 

It would be a true investment in your leadership and self-actualization."  

- Former US Governor