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My work with key and emerging leaders includes elected leaders, entrepreneurs, Forbes Top Givers and over 700 CEO's, board members and civic leaders from 100 countries, spanning 3 generations, 3,000 years and $4 billion dollars of impact.


Around the world and around the neighborhood, people ask me 'why did it take me so long to find you?' For over 20 years, I've partnered with key and emerging entrepreneurs and visionary leaders to make-it-happen. Today, my passion is sharing my world-class experiences, hacks, upgrades and insights to help you leapfrog barriers, be innovative and go further – faster.


Our conversations are honest, direct and always confidential.  

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"I am convinced that some supernatural force sent her down to rescue me."

– (US Congressional Leader)


In 15+ years of active coaching, Pamela has worked with numerous CEO’s, entrepreneurs, wealth-advisors, civic leaders, students, social impact visionaries and UHNW philanthropists who have tried the traditional approaches and more well-known coaches.


She consistently receives inquiries from:

  • Passionate people who are frustrated

  • CEO’s looking for the ‘next’ best thing

  • Boards who want to excel

  • People at pivot points of life (empty-nest, divorce, start-up, life after exit) wanting to do more with your foundation and social business impact

  • LinkedIn - Black Circle

Pamela Dubin leverages her training in political science, game theory and innovation to solve the challenges of strategy, leadership slumps and overall frustration for entrepreneurs, civic leaders, security and safety warriors.  Pamela is known for extreme effectiveness in coaching, training and assessing for the X factor of entrepreneurial and leadership performance. Her clients include CEO’s, wealth advisors, venture capitalists, security professionals, social businesses, students and UHNW philanthropists.


Pamela’s career with global leaders began in 1998 at the Mayors Conference in Jerusalem and as a graduate student of Nobel Prize awardees (behavioral economics) Aumann and Kahanemen at Hebrew University.


From there, to strategic-leadership and immersion in the innovation, start-up, entrepreneurial, tech, global leadership and UHNW philanthropic ecosystems, Pamela has worked with CEO’s in cybersecurity, fintech, medtech,  edtech, energy, education, economic development, politics, advocacy and civil society. 


As an entrepreneur in residence (EIR) and scholar-in-residence, Pamela helps lead and develop numerous cross-sector sustainable ventures.   Her experience working with the Prime Minister of Israel, US government, think-tank, security and policy leaders, NGO’s, heads of universities, board members of Fortune 50 companies, Forbes Top Givers, entrepreneurial philanthropists, The Gig Tank and IBM’s Global SmartCamp Finals, ensure that every one of Pamela’s clients get the benefit of her world-class know-how to leapfrog barriers and excel.    

Today, Pamela is a lead performance coach and lives in Boca Raton, Florida.  Referred to as a blend of Wendy Rhoads (Billions), Olivia Pope (Scandal), James Carville, Tony Robbins and McKinsey and Co, Pamela values trust and confidentiality.


Whether you are a Palm Beach County resident or plan to visit soon, let’s meet for a game-changing conversation that will resonate for years to come.


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